Фитотерапевт Карп Абрамович Трескунов
Fitochitodeztherapy of Cardiovascular Illnesses


Information Aspect

Goroshetchenko A.V., Treskunov K.A., Hospital of the Scientific Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences , Chernogolovka Town


I. Introduction

Since 1972 up to present a great computer basis including the phytotherapy data (about 3000 patients) and their appendixes (1,2,3,4,5) is collected by K.A.Treskunov jointly with mathematicians – programmers, in first place with the author of given article and with the scientists – phytherapeutists.

For each patients without selection the Computer Chart is set up. It includes all necessary data about patient and his treatment.

As a result, the data bases and Doctor – phytotherapeutist Programe complex were formed. For the first time it gave us an opportunity to perform not only the static and kinetic investigations of the treatment process but also to use the investigations data in practice while treating.

The aim of given article is to show the potentialities of the phytotherapy computer basis treating the cardiovascular illnesses.

II. Problem Statement

In spite of the specific character of basis, its potentialities are considerable and as a matter of fact exceed the limits of phytotherapy.

Firstly, we would like to define the phytotherapy effectiveness of main cardiovascular illnesses (CVI) in view their static and kinetic variants.

The analysis of the temporary indexes enables to compare various cases when the recovery comes quickly while using the phytotherapy for various cardiovascular illnesses. It is the subject of our second investigation.

Thirdly the full processing of the whole data basis allows us to define the typical symptoms of each CVI up to the average characteristics of each symptom. As a result, we can estimate the kinetic characteristics of illness which depend not only on the quantity and quality of parameter (symptom, syndrom and illness), but on the time of their development (kinetics). Only the computers allows to perform it. Hereafter, the word “parameter” will mean the symptom, syndrom, illnesses as the investigation objects.

Using the kinetic efficiency for each particular parameter in Computer Card (CC), knowing the concentration of herbs in species, one can estimate the action efficiency of given herb for given parameter. This is the subject of our fourth investigation.

Fifthly, the theoretical investigations performed by our group, allow to go to the practical work, namely to the increasing the phytotherapy effeciency of particular patients. Taking it into account the specie is formed from herbs which are most effective for the whole parameter complex relating to the particular patient. According to the results of matrix efficiency for all parameter group we receive the herb specie for a given particular patient and the concentration of herbs in the specie.

Sixthly, we would like to show how great are the potentialites of our “Phytotherapy Computer Basis”. We performed the exotic investigation. Namely we defined the presence of the predisposition to the CVI in dependence of the data of birth – the sing of Zodix. It is so called “Astrology prognosis”.

III. Estimating of the phytotherapy Efficiency of the Cardiovascular Illnesses.

While making registration for each patient the following factors are included: gender, age (data of birth), weight, height, blood group and Rh (Rhesus) factor, allergy presence etc.

While making the basic calculations the following factors are taken into account.

1. The illness symptom, syndrom as they were manifested before the treatment on the 1-3 Ws scale.

2. The illness symptom, syndrom as they were manifested after the treatment on 0-3 Wp scale.

3. The time interval within which the illness symptom, syndrom are present on the 1-3 Ts scale.

4. The treatment time interval on the 1-3 Tl scale.

The efficiency calculation is performed according to two algorythms: statistical and kinetic.

The statistical variant assumes the summary accounting of all CC in which given illness is present and summation of all indexes.

a) practically recovered (PR) – Wp = 0

b) pronounced improvement (PI) – Wp=1 (except the case Ws=1, Wp=1)

c) improvement (IM) Ws=3, Wp=2

d) no changes (NCh) Ws=Wp

e) worsening (W) Ws<Wp

The kinetic variant assumed the time interval accounting. The phytotherapy efficiency of the symptom, the syndrom is calculated according to the formula

We have to receive the data which should be checked as reliable ones. We use the mathematical statistics methods (6). The phytotherapy efficiency of the CVI is a series of values that can coincide (in fhis case we can mark the phytotherapy efficiency) or not coincide (in this case the part of illnesses, symptoms, syndroms) will devote appreciably from the average values.

To check the coincidence hypoteses we use the formulas:

1. The efficiency average index

2. Standard efficiency deviation

3. Standard error of the average arithmetical

4. Variation coefficient

Commonly the condition character variation is considered as average if the quantity of variation coefficient between the limits 10% and 25%.

At last to determine the “doubtful” data, i.e. the data with are beyond the reliability limits we calculate

5. According to the formula the limits within which the reliable results lie

ta is a Student's coefficient for the confidence interval 95 % obtained according to Table 1 (6).

To perform the detailed investigation of the CVI phytotherapy potentialities, 15 illnesses presented in CVI Table 1 were selected.

The Studend's coefficient for the coefficient interval of 95 % we determine according to the table (6). It is equal ta=2,14. In consequence the mathematically reliable values of effeciency lies between the limits (6)

Å d = Õñð . ± ta* O õ

For given case Ed=69,9 ± 2,14 * 2,21

As a result Ed, max=78,8 Ed, min=61

Where PR – practically recovered, PI – pronounced improvement, IM – improvement, NCh – no changes, W – worsening

IV. Rate Estimation of the Cardiovascular Phytotherapy Illnesses

While usung the CVI phytotherapy it is interesting to observe the process recovery rate in view of kinetic. Similar investigations were carried out and the results data are presented in Table 2.

To simplify the processing we unit “PR” (Practically Recovered) data and “PI” (Pronounced Improvement) and calculate the phytotherapy rate for the case PR + PI. The obtained data are presented in Table 3.

Table 3. Statistical Estimation of the Cardiovascular Phytotherapy Rate.

For all this the error of the variation coefficient is estimated according to the formula

In accordance with Table 3 the average value of the phytotherapy CVI rate is a part of the confidence interval (Cv lies between 10 and 25 %) only for the third case and for the first case it is a part of the confidence interval but relatively (in view of error Cv).

It is concerned with estimating of the status which has the intermediate nature within the treatment period from one month to three months.

Table 3 also indicates that the recovery process white using the phytotherapy is delayed by nature. As a minimum one thirds of patients are treated over three months...

e-mail: fitoterapija-av@yandex.ru - Goroshetchenko Alexandr Vasilievich

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