Фитотерапевт Карп Абрамович Трескунов
Inflammation as the basic patogenetic factor of warm - blooded animals and man. Fitochitodesistherapy


Inflammation as the basic patogenetic factor of warm - blooded animals and man Fitochitodesistherapy The distant results

Academik EANS and RANS, doctor-phytotherapeutist K.A.Treskunov

Hospital of Russian Academy of sciences Chernogolovka Russia


The application from 1992 through 2005 years complex galenic preparations - fitochitodesis (FKHD), prepared according to state farmokopii (SF), from collections (specie) of medicinal plants (MP) and biologically active food additive - the dissoluble chitosan - polyfraction composition - chitodesis it made it possible not only to revive in Russia (RF) the classical study about inflammation (I.), but also to complete the discovery of global value.

Inflamation is a pathogenetic process in response to the introduction into the organism of warm- blooded animal and human of alien factor and to the damage to cloth. Inflamation is the multistage process: after the stage of hyperemia (H.) unavoidably follows the stage of edema (E.), after it infiltration (IN,), necrosis (N,). festering (F), regeneration (R.). To stop in. on the classical understandings to the stage I. inclusively possible only liquidating pathogenic factor - (infection). But how to liquidate it with the bum? Of 572 cases 1. volunteers they recovered from fitochitodesistherapy 409 (71%). In tens of economies (including Veterinarian Academy together with B,M. Avakoyants, ) 100% recovery from the dyspepsia of the new bom calves and suckling-pigs . At the stage H. - 27 patients recovered, at the stage E. - 94, at the stage IN. - 257 patients, at the stage N. - 21 patients, at the stage F. - 10 patients. In all calves and suckling- pigs the recovery began at the stage E. in 10 days with normal development later.

So, this is a proof, that complex preparations, made from MP and chitodesis can stop and turn back the development of inflammation. It can be at the any stage, even at the stage of necrosis, including, the dangerous accident of staphylococcus inflammation and dyspepsia in newborn calves and suckling-pigs.

8 patents for antiinflammation species have been presented from 1987 . 4 Russian patents for treatment methods and getting the fitochitodesises were received together B.A. Komarov, A.I. Albulov and L.V. Pogorelsky.

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