Фитотерапевт Карп Абрамович Трескунов
autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune diseases

Academik EANS and RANS, doctor-phytotherapeutist K.A.Treskunov

Komment 2011

Chernogolovka, Russia

Autoimmune diseases as a rule have no specific aetiology. Usually the aetiology is stochastic and unpredictable. Nevertheless pathogenesis (the development of the disease) is definite: autoimmune diseases are a kind of circulus vitiosus in which inflammation is a hunting link. In modern interpretation, when the strongest antibiotic drugs and antiviral medications are produced, inflammation can not be treated as a defensive reaction. From what does the hardest inflammation, the aseptic one, defend in cases of ambustion, freezing injury, Bywaters syndrome, etc? So, in order to cure the autoimmune disease first of all it is necessary to suppress the inflammation at any stage up to the necrosis one. The most effective antiseptics are the stress hormones prednisone, dexamethasone and other glucorticoids. Mobilising energy for stress they suppress inflammation and phylaxis, which consume a great amount of alive energy. But the stress hormones should be in use for a short period only. Being used for a long time they cause hard diseases and mutilate patient. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications injure the epithelium of the digestive tract and have noxious influence upon the parenchymatous organs.

What is the solution? It has been found forty years ago: herbal teas out of officinal plants, mainly weeds, not only suppress the inflammation at any stage, they put it to involution until the full recuperation.

It is necessary to be aware that on the necrosis stage cells of tissues begin to dissolve and inflammation is the response of immunity that is the circulus vitiosus which must be broken for cure an autoimmune disease. So what we really need are phytomedications of antiseptic effect which suppress the immune aggression: the antiallergic ones.

Taking into account that heart can be afflicted during an autoimmune disease the following herbal medications are to be prescribed: herbal tea No. 11 and its phyitohitodez 04, and besides herbal tea No.11A and its phyitohitodez 04A. Before breakfast and before supper. Before dinner and before sleep it is antiallergic and broncholytic herbal tea No.21 and its phyitohitodez 03.

Diffusive nephritis is frequently caused by autoimmune diseases. The same herbal medications are applied, namely: herbal tea No.11, 11A and their phyitohitidezes 04, 04A and simultaneously herbal tea No. 21 and its phyitohitodez 03.

Oftimes the inflammations of the lungs (pulmanitis), pleura (pleuritis) or pericard (pericarditis) take place. Their treatment should be antiseptic, antiallergic and broncholytic: herbal tea No. 9 and its phytohitodezes 09, 10, herbal tea No. 5 and its phytohitodez 05, herbal tea No.8 and its phytohitodez 08 (especially necessary when the antibiotic treatment lasts for a long period of time) . At the same time it is obligatory to use herbal tea No. 21 and its phytohitodez 03.

In case of pseudorheumatism phytohitodeses 23 and 54 should be applied simultaneously. Before consulting at herbalist patient has to undergo assessment in the institute of rheumatic diseases or in special clinics, hospitals and regional hospitals. W ish you good health and happiness.


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